Helena Berggren

SunnySoul Coach™, Life Coach, Workshop Speaker, Instructor

Helena has been in the field of coaching for 18 years already. She started out as a dance choreographer and coach for one of Sweden's national dance teams, where she became the first coach in Sweden to take her team to the finals in the world championship in 2004. "I worked my team up from pretty much nothing. The girls were in their young teens without much individual competition experience when I created the group" she says. "I had the same group of girls for years with only a few replacements here and there and was able to shape and inspire them through physical and mental practice. It was a full blown team effort when we did something that had never been done before in Sweden's history, and I am proud to this day for it!" she continues.

Helena also holds an undergraduate degree in Sport Management with a minor in sport psychology (among a few other majors and minors) and have been adding on to that knowledge ever since. Through her professional and private life she has always striven to help others excel; from process driven problem solving methodologies to mindfulness and praying. It is no wonder she was the Continuous Improvement Coordinator and Soft Skills Trainer at her last job before going out on her own.

In 2015 she decided to start her own company and pursued an EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) clinical practitioner certificate to use as a base for her work as an Emotional Freedom Coach and her dream is coming full circle! Her slogan is: 

"Find the Miracle in You" 

Part of Helena's mission is to inspire and help as many people grow as possible. Touching their heart, mind, and soul, and guide them to make positive changes and unlocking their doors to their inner miracles available; which led her to naturally invest time, love, and effort into creating online courses. These courses are available for people that cannot attend, or are complimentary to, her on-premise workshops and one-on-one coaching sessions. She is the SunnySoul Coach™ 

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