Hector I. Mercado Colon

Personal Development and Success Student since 17

Hector Mercado, better known as Ivan is a life long student of personal development since the age of 17. Over the last two years he's dedicated full on learning the science of success and achievement for seven days a week. " If you wish to be successful, just do what successful people do" is one of his favorite sayings. Working on hard labor jobs since the age of 10 have made him obsess with the thought of progress and freedom for himself, his family, and every person he comes in contact with.

Been bored of the traditional formal education he dropped out of college in his first three weeks and took on the auto didactic and entrepreneur rode. Ever since then its been a enormous compounded growth that has taken place and that will continue to do so more and more as time passes by.

He's mission in life is taken from one of his favorite songs called "the nights" by avicii, which is basically this: "Live a life you will remember", but it just doesn't stop there he also wants to take as many people as he can to do the same with their lives. One of his favorite quotes comes from Seneca who says: "Many people pass through life, but only a few actually live it". These have been big influences in his life to have made the decision of actually living life to the fullest and not letting it pass by like many people do, unfortunately.

Moreover he's influences currently have all been virtually, but their lessons and wisdom have formed a deep part of him and continue to do so. People like Jim Rohn, Tony Robbins, Tai Lopez, Harvey Mackay, Jason Capital, Steffan Plyonaries, Brian Tracy... and a lot more. Also he loves to read the emminant dead, and the greatest thinkers of our time like, Emerson, Marcus Aurelius, Gandhi... and more.

Just in case you think of him to be a little young just remember that Alexander the Great started conquering the world at age 18, and we all know what he did. Also biological age just measures who long you've been out of your mothers womb, not your intellect nor wisdom.

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