Williams Terry

Health and Safety Trainer

Having worked my way up the ranks of the sales force, I started out as a trainer with State Insurance in 1990, moving into an I.T. project as a business analyst and from there into the New Zealand Lotteries Commission and later into management at North Shore City Council. Lotto franchises operate in a wide range of retail outlets and I was exposed to, and involved in, the spectrum of the kiwi retail experience. I loved being a trainer and helping people help themselves. Being a manager and business owner enabled me to have a greater involvement in broader organizational development but you’ll see the spark of passion in me when I'm in front of the room helping learners learn and, even more importantly, transferring that learning into practical, tangible and measurable results in the workplace.


Massey University 1994-96: Post-graduate DBA (Management)

University of Canterbury 1985-87: Bachelor of Arts (History)

University of Auckland 2006:

  • Creative Leadership
  • Project Management
  • Resilient Leadership

Sheffield Consulting Group:

  • Behavioural Event Interviewing

Oakley Brown Associates:

  • Criterion Referenced Instruction
  • Training manager Workshop

Watkins Emerson:

  • Managing Effective Relationships

Eric Jensen:

  • Accelerated Learning 1 & 2

Rich Allen:

  • From the Front of the Room
  • Storytelling

  • Students
  • Courses
  • Reviews

Courses taught by Williams Terry