Yuval Hollander Director

Film maker, Author, Advertising Man

my name is yuval Hollander
im the director of the movie – the secrets of bethsaida.
I was born about 5 miles near nazareth, in the galilee, and all my life i thought that Nazareth, and Bethlehem, together with Jerusalem and Capernaum – where the most important cities in the history of Jesus, the history of early christianity.
But after the discovery of professor Rami Arav, now from the university in Omaha, Nebraska, the name of the ancient city of bethsaida came out.
Join me, to the excavation season, and meet with me the well known professors from all over the world, who comes here, every year, almost 30 years – to dig and discover more and more peaces of this puzzle called bethsaida. Enjoy!

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