Harun Rabbani

Trainer, Mentor and Coach

Award winning international trainer, Harun Rabbani has been helping clients to transform their health, wealth and relationships since 2002. He has interviewed and worked with some of the world's leading experts in transformation, including the author of 'Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus', Dr John Gray, Arielle Ford ('Soulmate Secret'), Dr John Demartini ('Breakthrough Experience'), Dr Bruce Lipton and many more.

Harun's work integrate ancient healing/mystical practices such as Sufi healing with principles of quantum physics. He operates his healing practice at the Kingston Natural Health Clinic in Surrey, England and works with clients remotely via Skype and phone.

Harun believes that everything in life is about relationships. This includes the relationship you have with yourself, your mind, body, spirit, environment, money as your soulmate.

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