Harsh Singhal, DTM

Coach Harsh, Transforming Speakers Changing Lives

IF you can speak, you can influence. IF you can influence, you can command the outcomes to always favour you. So Improve your odds, BECOME A MASTERFUL SPEAKER via customised coaching for experienced professionals, SMEs, Tech.Experts, Doctors, CAs, Teachers, Senior/Sales managers.

ALL SPEAKING IS PUBLIC SPEAKING WHETHER IT IS TO 1 PERSON OR TO 1000 PERSONS!!! .... BUT the true magic & the art of public speaking is actually in making those 1 and 1000 persons feel like they are the one & only one that you are speaking for!  ~Harsh Singhal

WHAT I DO: I conduct customised, focused and result driven training sessions. The focus is based on a thorough understanding of the individual speaking style, thus assessing correctly the core strengths which need razor sharp focus, and polishing areas that demand attention. I help you bring forth crystal clear clarity in your communication style, by providing specific, insightful and actionable areas of improvement. My methods to deliver excellence, are a kaleidoscopic merger of coaching, teaching, training, mentoring and counselling.

WHAT MAKES ME DIFFERENT: With a decade long growth and exposure in the world of Public Speaking, having presented hundreds of speeches & presentations to 1000s of audiences, having won many types of Speech awards & contests, I can say with certainty that I have learned a lot, and there's much I can offer you. It would be a pleasure helping you benefit from my experiences. With my insights into the art of public speaking & the magic of connecting with your listeners I take up executive coaching & one on one coaching. When possible I even conduct multi-session public & corporate workshops

I have conducted successful trainings and empowering sessions for IES aspirants, MBA aspirants, and individuals from Google, NexTag, Qualcomm, Xilinx, Sasken, CipherCloud, TechWave Consulting Ltd., Aurobindo Pharmaceuticals, Tech Mahindra. My clientele includes, Sales Managers, Doctors, Dance evangelists and bright, smart intelligent folks who stammer.

So join my courses or hire me for an exclusive session for yourself. More when we interact. Drop me an email on harsh[at]harshsinghal[dot]com