Harry Ebbeson III

Ministry, Musician, Educator

With over 35 years of musicianship and over 20 years of recording and studio ownership to his credit, Harry has a pretty good handle on positioning one's self for success and sustainability. In the changing landscape in recording technology, education and research has been at the forefront of his tenure in the industry.

Harry is a graduate with honors from the Audio Institute of America Recording Engineer program in 1998. Harry has also provided music instruction for piano, guitar, bass and vocals.

Harry is also a solo musician with 16 solo albums to his credit. He has also played on countless other albums and demos. he also writes and arranges music for other artists and regularly contributes his talents to projects for charities. He also runs Music with Harry, a nursing home ministry that realizes between 50 and 80 performances a month.

Harry is also a 2012 graduate of Ohio Christian University with an AA in Christian Ministry (final GPA 3.804). He is currently attending there again to get his BA in Christian Ministry and Leadership and is currently maintaining a 3.87 GPA.

He also holds numerous certifications in the IT field ranging from computer diagnostics and repair, programming, technical and customer support, management, training, conflict resolution, data entry, disaster recovery and many others.

Harry also assists in the home-school education of his daughter, along with his wife, Shawna, the creator of this video series. They also ran a daycare together where education and life skills were paramount for each child. These helped each child excel in their studies at school and personal interactions with others.

Harry's dedication, love and attitude of service are evident in his life and in his business endeavors.

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