Mr. Hans Laurenceau

The Newest Middle School and Adult Math Program

I would first like to welcome all aspiring leaders and learners to my course. My name is Mr. Hans Laurenceau. I have been in the education field for 9 years specializing in Mathematics. I have devoted a quarter of my life to bettering the lives of students not only academically but socially and morally. I have been blessed to be able to reach students and deliver information in such a way that is digestible to any learner. I have made learning math fun. I was born in NY and that is where my journey began as first a camp counselor, then a daycare director and finally to my first year of teaching 6th grade mathematics in which I was terrified as an 20 year old teacher in a "tough" neighborhood. I quickly learned that i would need to be able to relate to the demographics if I wanted to make a change and be respected as a professional as well as a person. During my first year of teaching I was assigned a math coach by the name of Laura Norwitz. Now at first I was a bit apprehensive because everyone wants to feel competent in their field and may reject assistance, however this woman changed the way I saw education. I am forever in debt to the knowledge she has deposited in me from classroom management to delivering meaningful information. Unfortunately educators of today are teaching in a way that students are just memorizing steps and not applying meaning or purpose to their steps. I have developed a way to teach, apply meaning and relate it to the real world. Every lesson is connected to the next in a linear fashion that way students can have that "aha moment". What a joy to see students discover solutions on their own or with their peers. After years of experience i realized that i no longer wanted to only affect 120 students per year. I have a gift and I want to affect as many people as possible. This is why I have created LEVEL UP MATH. A take home teacher that teaches material the way it needs to be taught. Still having traditional teaching methods infused with the common core ways of teaching. I pray you enjoy the course and leave feedback so we can grow together. Thank you!!

Level up math was created with the intention to increase your child's current state testing scale score from one level to the next. In many cases students would jump two levels. Level up math is not only a program designed to enhance vocabulary, it also has very memorable strategies on breaking down word problems and building confidence to evaluate every problem you should encounter from 5th grade to 8th grade with a push of a button. This program was designed not as a replacement for teaching but as a supplement for teaching. Level up Math was created initially because students were not retaining any relevant information in class because they were not trained on correct note taking skills, introduced to vocabulary placed on exams and most importantly their parents were not fully equipped to assist them for multiple reasons: Too many work hours, un educated, not familiar with today's teaching and/or didn't have the resources to fill in the gap that the child possessed. Level up math is the answer. This is not only a resource for our students, this is a resource for everyone.

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