Hannah Kramer

Music and IT teacher

Hannah has a Master's Degree in music, specializing in performance in piano and violin. She obtained her degree from the University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg, South Africa.

In 1996 she immigrated to New Zealand and started her own music school: Allegro Music. She taught piano, violin, guitar, recorder and music theory.

Hannah has taught music for more than 20 years, and started off her teaching career teaching class music in primary school. She had various positions before progressing to High School where she ended up as Head of Department before starting her own school.

At the same time as running her music school, she went back to university and did a certificate in Information Technology. She joined Step by Step Computer Services LTD where she taught computer literacy to adults. She did this from home in the mornings, and took her music students in the afternoons.

When she moved from Whangarei to Auckland, she continued Allegro Music School, and also taught students who had trouble with reading, spelling and mathematics. When she met Malcolm and he shared his idea of weteach-it with her, she jumped at the chance. Together, they formed the company and enjoy working with their passion: To bring computer literacy to everyone.

Hannah believes in a step by step approach: When you master each step, before you know it, you grasp more complicated concepts, and you find yourself a master instead of a novice. Imagine a world where complicated concepts are easily mastered. Yes, you can do it too!

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