Hank Palmer

Olympic Finalist, World Class Athlete, Performance Coach

Hank Palmer

Hank Palmer is an Olympic and World Class athlete as well as an accomplished performance coach, motivational speaker, actor and all - around people's person. He has competed professionally around the world as a track and field athlete since he was a young man culminating in a Beijing Olympics Final appearance as part of Canada's 4x100m team. Alongside his personal accomplishments he has also helped numerous up and coming and established athletes to excel. Hank has even in appeared in a few Hollywood blockbusters, such as "White House Down" where he plays as Jamie Foxx's double.

The Athlete

At the tender age of 8, Hank Palmer fell in love with sports and competing when he participated in his first track and field competition where he won his first medal, a bronze. He enjoyed the feeling of accomplishment so much that from then on he decided to dedicate himself to improving and becoming the best he could be. As the years passed, Hank participated and excelled at a number of sports such as Hockey, Football, Soccer and Basketball, but throughout this whole process, Track and Field remained his real passion. Because of this, he eventually committed all of his efforts and available time to Track and Field. The results that followed reflected his ambition and diligence. By the time he was in High School, Hank became World High School 100m champion and fastest teenager on the planet. As the years past by, Hank went on to travel around the world and earn a living as a professional athlete breaking many records along the way. In 2008, after a great indoor season Hank Palmer showed his class all the way to the Canadian Olympic Trials 100m Semifinals in which he pulled his hamstring. However he wasn't going to let this stop him from going to the Olympics. He had 24 hours to do whatever was necessary to give him a fighting chance which involved taking a plane across the country to a speciality clinic and then get back in time for the race. Hank challenged himself both physically and mentally to ignore the odds and the pain and come in second in that final, marginally losing the race, and qualifying for the Olympics. In the summer of 2008, Hank helped the Canadian National 4x100m team qualify and compete in the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games 4x100m Final.

The Coach

Through the process of becoming an elite athlete, Hank Palmer was exposed to methods of training and performing from many world class athletes and coaches from around the globe. He has also had first hand experience in dealing with and solving the issues and problems that athletes usually face. He realized that a large part of his success was due to the many people around him that helped in his quest with guidance, support, inspiration and resources. Being a very grounded and loving person, Hank Palmer wanted to share his knowledge and experience to help others follow in his footsteps and/or achieve their goals. As a result, in 2003, he decided to take on his first venture into this side of athletics by volunteering to work for free as the Track and Field coach at his old high school. The Track and Field program had fallen behind there, but Hank was confident that he could turn it around, and so he did. The 5 students that made up this Track and Field team became in a few years, 5 athletes that managed an impressive medal count of over 30 gold medals. In the process, the school's Track and Field program became the number one ranked program in the English School Board. With this success under his belt, Hank Palmer went on to found Golden Phoenix Fitness to help other athletes to perform or even regular people to look better and live fuller and healthier lives. Through the years, Golden Phoenix Fitness expanded and gained experience and notoriety through the results it was producing. Naturally, more and more athletes wanted to incorporate GPF training and living philosophies into their program and as a result, Hank was hired in 2008 to lead the McGill University Sprint Program. A few years later GPF was asked to develop a Strength and Speed program for the Montreal Impact (Major League Soccer Team). Through the years, Hank and GPF have helped to change and improve many lives from established professional athletes to working moms.

The Man

Growing up, Hank evolved into a curious and life loving person. This has naturally lead him to explore many different endeavours and develop many aspects of his personality and skills. Hank is now a compassionate and ambitious person that seeks to change the world and positively affect the people he meets. He cares deeply about his athletes and clients and goes to lengths to make sure they are on the right path toward achieving their goals. Hank Palmer has always been a thinking outside of the box type of person. He has always regarded the glass as half-full and believes that limitations only exist within our mind. He made it his mission to not only give back but help transform the people he meets and/or coaches to allow them to perform and live better, fuller and happier lives.