Arch. Hamdy Mostafa

Urban Designer - Architect

My name is Hamdy, an architect - urban designer.

i'm 23 years old and i have just graduated from Cairo university - Faculty of urban and regional planning - i have used AutoCAD and Photoshop in many urban design projects and Post Production for Architecture level projects

i have learnt Photoshop by self-Learning by watching Photoshop tutorial after 2 years of using it as a Self-Learnt Person i have decided to take a course in it - but when i went to the course i was the strongest one in Photoshop and my level was higher than the course i still learn Photoshop after these 5 years as well ! every day i find something new .. in creative and different way to shorten work time

in these 5 years i have discovered many useful shortcuts i have included in my course on Udemy to help you to work faster and smarter

i love teaching and i'm an AutoCAD - Photoshop Expert 

i have about 5 years of experience in AutoCAD + Photoshop 

and i hope that i can teach you everything i have learned in these years

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