Hailey Patry

Happiness and Resiliency Trainer

Complete your past, step into your power, choose happiness and manifest your dream future… starting right now!

As a survivor of rape, abuse, cancer, severe depression and so much more, Hailey is a Happiness and Resiliency Trainer, teaching you in a matter of hours how to triumph over tragedies, experience total freedom from past hurts and unleash your power to live your best life now and manifest your dream future ongoingly.  After everything she has endured, she is one of the happiest people you will ever meet and she will be YOUR guide back to happiness and full power. Learn about her survive and thrive methods, so that you too can be completely unencumbered, empowered, ‘un-messable-with’ and HAPPY! She has spoken for over 400,000 people and coached over 1000 individuals. She has built a multi-million-dollar business, twice, is a mother of three and one strong lady! She is on a mission to spread happiness and healing, and help you create your hero story. 

As a speaker, author, coach and facilitator, Hailey’s happiness is contagious. Spend even a bit of time with her and you will notice an immediate lift in your spirits. She only works with a handful of select private clients, so taking her Udemy course is your fastest path to working with her and commencing your journey, on your way back to happiness.

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