Mimo Ramli

Adobe Certified Instructor

Hi, my name is Mimo and I'm a freelance instructor with a passion for teaching others to get the most out of their favourite pieces of software and web-related technologies. My motto, learning by creating, is something I feel strongly about and a topic that comes back in every course I teach. Be it offline or online.

I work as a freelance trainer and I'm also an Adobe Certified Instructor with knowledge and expertise spanning almost the whole range of Adobe products. Working from the Netherlands, I've taught many individuals and a couple of organisations in subjects like: design, photography, 3D, marketing and more.

I am an active participant when it comes to my students so putting your faith in me, is having an expert by your side. I believe in quality when it comes to learning and don't worry, there's always something new to learn when taking a class from me.

My method of educating is an ongoing process of refining and adding to existing materials, that's why all the courses I teach get lectures added to them through time, so any course you follow from me will become more and more valuable as time passes.

Creative learning!

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