Gurmeet Bambrah

Lead Expert at IPK360 Advanced Competencies Training

Gurmeet Bambrah is the creator of the IPK360 advanced competencies training platform for professionals. She received her PhD and Master’s degrees in engineering management from Loughborough University of Technology and a Bachelor’s in engineering from Aberdeen University in the UK. She has over 35 years of global consulting engineering, action research, technology selection and systematic, integrated and strategic planning experience spanning four continents. She is a fellow of the Institution of Civil Engineers (UK), past Vice President of the International Rainwater Catchment Systems Association, a Registered Consulting Engineer and a Member of the Association of Consulting Engineers of Kenya. She has authored many publications and presented numerous papers. As well as founding several consulting and R&D companies, she was the immediate past CEO responsible for building CAPE Council for Access to the Profession of Engineering, a Canadian web-based, action research community of engineers and other professionals.

Her research interests have included systems engineering in general and self-regulation under globalization, change management, developing global workforces, talent optimization through merit-driven hiring and emerging frontiers in engineering in particular. This advanced competencies training derives from a revolutionary real-time intelligent technology developed over many years of research in these areas. This technology compares 2000+ jobs with the competencies resident in a community of over 4000 professionals across engineering and other sectors, drawn from 130 countries to identify competency gaps in real-time. Based on these employer needs and adapted to real-time learning needs for engineers communicating effectively across cultures in multi-disciplinary and virtualized work environments is in high demand for those aspiring to become the new kind of professional that our rapidly globalizing world is demanding.

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