Gurasis Anand

Founder @ PlexStreet, Designer / Developer

Hi, I have been a Designer and Developer since 2013. The vision for my company Plexstreet has been evolving since 2013.

Since early age, I have been exposed to music, arts and sports. During my school days I was fascinated with musical instrument and spent hundreds hours with the ones I could get my hands on, whether it be Sitar, Guitar, Tabla or keyboard. I was also very keen on taking things apart and learn how they work from the inside.

I have invested hundreds of hours learning stuff that piqued my interest and one thing led to another, then I came across Open Course Ware by Ivy League Universities and MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses). Courses posted on the Internet, curated by top universities of the world, open to the masses. That changed everything. I had access to world class education for free in the comfort of my home in my own time and speed. 

Side note: I get bored quickly so I usually tend to watch the lectures at 2.5x Speeds, can't watch at any higher speeds because it tends to skip words altogether from 3x.

The next years I spent taking every course I can on topics of my interest, Learning never ends, neither does curiosity.

I want to share the knowledge I have gained over the years and teach some, learn some more, break and make more stuff.

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