Gunjan Porwal

Intellectual Property Consultant

Hi, I'm Gunjan Porwal. Thanks for checking out my course. 

Currently I am an Intellectual Property Consultant, imparting trainings and consulting various companies in the field of IP protection and helping their employees come up with new ideas to file patents. 

Prior to this role, I had worked in different MNCs such as Samsung, Autodesk, Nvidia, AMD and Philips. In my 14 years tenure, I have authored over 20 patents, most of them as sole inventor (please note I am not endorsing sole authorship - its great working as a team - just emphasising that it is easy to come up with ideas just by yourself). 

I created this course so that I can share with you, in structured format, some techniques that are widely used by innovators to come up with new ideas. 

Hope that you will learn and enjoy this course.  

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