Guillermo Gonzalez

Industrial Engineer, Founder of Presentation Blueprint

I create presentations all the time. My job requires me to communicate with different stakeholders through presentations. I am good at it. I help develop storyboards and slides for town halls, sales meetings, presentations to corporate executives and key customers.

But I wasn't born with this talent...

During my 20-year professional career working for two Fortune 100 companies I've had to sit through many presentations and I got tired of them. But my presentations weren't too different. I knew I wanted to create better presentations that would really help me advocate my position to get what I wanted.

After doing tons of research and experimenting at work I founded Presentation Blueprint with the goal of sharing a better way to do presentations. I love teaching and in this course I've packaged my learnings around storyboards and slide design for business presentations and I explain it in very simple terms because I understand you are not a designer and probably don't want to become one.

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