Two Frencheez

French Teacher as a Foreign Language


The two Frencheez is a team of two French teachers made up by Audrey and Nico - two passionated explorers and travelers, who love to share their culture and language with everyone curious to learn and discover more about France and French. 

Nico is a French Native teacher certified by the Alliance Foundation with a FLE Degree (French as a Foreign Language). He taught French to youth and adults in China during two years at the Alliance Française of Dalian and today he gives online classes to every level in French - 

Audrey is a traveller of the world, she also taught and work at the Alliance Française in China during two years and she lived in India and Canada, working with youth and travelers. She will be part of the course and give you some explanations in English. 

About Nico

To begin his professional career, he studied wine and worked for 10 years in this field in France and in Europe. As he often likes to say, we have many lives in one life, so he decided to quit his job as a wine specialist to travel and take a new path. He travelled one year in New Zealand and decided to work in a social field for the local French government, then he became animator for youth in need in an holiday's village in the Alps. An opportunity brought him to teach French in China and it was for him a great opportunity through which he revealed himself. He was in charge with personal lessons and classes with dozen of students. He created many educational activities and he was involved in the promotion and creation of cultural activities for the students. Today he gives online and private lessons to every level in French in France, but also in other country. 

About Audrey 

After one amazing year of an European exchange in Netherlands during her studies, Audrey decided to explore more of this big and fascinating world that is around us. After her master degree in communication and cultural studies, she traveled in India and volunteered with a NGO during 4 months, working with children and Indian teachers. After this first encounter with Asia, she took a job at the Alliance Française of Dalian to promote French culture through classes, activities and arts. Then, Canada called her and she went in North America for two years to explore a new culture and work in the tourism always promoting France and French culture. 

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