Saurabh Moharikar

Get a Grip on Math

Hi there!!! This is Saurabh Moharikar. I present here my channel named "Griponmaths". The name suggest my aim for all those students who want to study from these courses. I want them to have a GRIP ON MATHS on as many possible domains of maths as possible.

I am an engineer and I have been a mentor of mathematics for the last 10 years dealing with a lot of domains in the same. I am an entrepreneur teaching Numbers, Arithmetic, Algebra, Geometry and Modern Maths. As a lot of people find trouble in dealing with maths, i am here to publish a lot of courses on the same.

As the world of maths is always evolving, there is always a mathematical treasure to be found out there which can make us more productive in every part of life in which maths is applied. So expect something new on this channel in every course.

Thanks a lot for showing Interest. Lets have a GRIP ON MATHS!!!