Grigoras Alexandru

Vector Illustrator

I've been working as a graphic designer since 2008 and as a professional vector illustrator since 2012.

My experience as a graphic designer started in a small advertising agency, called BrandFactory, based in Bucharest. There, I had the great opportunity to work under Victor Prajitura's guidance and learn the basics of the industry.

My work ranged from designing business cards and flyers to key visuals for different campaigns and web wireframing.

The second job I had as a graphic designer was at Q-t-raz creative agency, also based in Bucharest. Here, I evolved as a graphic designer, crafting custom identities and custom brochures for big companies like Galt and JW Marriott.

Here is where my taste for vector illustration really took off. I was asked to incorporate and create a lot of vector elements in the designs and I had to quickly learn more about Adobe Illustrator.

Then, little by little I've started to build a database of clients and started my freelance career. Starting with little tasks like this image:, I've managed to get bigger projects like this one for Sarah Fiske:

Along this time, I've been surrounded by a very creative and supportive community of illustrators and designers, on portals such as Dribbble, Behance and Estetica Design Forum.

My online portfolios can be found here: (personal website), and I am very supportive of young and creative artists and I always stand for art as the ultimate tool of evolution.

Thank you very much!

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