Greg Phelps

Owner of Gregory James Phelps Photography

About the artist, Gregory J. Phelps

For 36 years, Gregory J. Phelps has been creating photographic images for many of America's Fortune 500 companies. He is known for his creative solutions to some of the most challenging assignments in advertising, architectural and portrait photography.

Greg began his photographic career in 1975 and quickly became known as an innovator. His clients have included Kraft, Saks Fifth Avenue, Sears, General Motors, Chrysler, Exxon, Lockheed Martin, Dow Corning and many others. His portrait commissions have included Astronaut Deke Slayton (portrayed in the movies The Right Stuff and Apollo 13), Roger Smith (former CEO of General Motors), U.S. Congressman Solomon Ortiz, Bishop Enrique San Pedro of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Brownsville, United States ambassador to Mexico Tony Garza, Texas State Senator Eddie Lucio and numerous other dignitaries.

Before opening Gregory James Phelps Photography in Texas’ Rio Grande Valley in 1983 and then, a few years later, in Houston, Greg had a studio in Detroit, where he photographed automobiles for GM and Chrysler during the late ‘70s and early ‘80s. During Greg’s early years, he also specialized in product, illustration, fashion and catalog work.

Since moving to Texas in 1983, Greg has narrowed his focus to architectural photography, fine art photography for office and home décor, and Legacy Portraits for people who have worked hard and found success. Self-made men and women who appreciate the finer things of life, including art, and who want to preserve the memory of their journey with a fine-art portrait that marks their accomplishments, whether in business, sports or entertainment.

From 1990 through 2005 Greg was President and CEO of a very successful regional sized advertising agency that he founded. In 2005 he sold his interests to be able to devote his full time to his passion, photography.

Greg has had seven one-man shows, including the United Way’s Women Who Make a Difference, Hometown Heroes, Champions Against Domestic Violence for the Fort Bend County Women’s Center and A Portrait of Survival for the American Cancer Society. Greg was the official photographer of the 16th annual Border Governors Conference, creating commemorative portraits of the participating governors. Greg has been featured in Rangefinder Magazine, a prestigious professional photographers magazine, Studio Photography and Design and Great Output and is a popular speaker at Wedding and Portrait Photographers International annual convention in Las Vegas. Greg also speaks at photographic guild meetings throughout the US.

Greg comments, “A single photograph can transport us in time, reunite us with old friends and loved ones, ignite our passion, fill a room with sunshine when everything else is shrouded in cloud, provide hope, and reminds us of what is truly important... A single photograph is a simple thing, but few things are as powerful.”

Whether Greg is photographing an individual or an inanimate object, in the studio or on location, his approach is always about the subject. It is about seeking to ignite that individual spark, that certain attitude, that glimpse of what sets the individual or product apart.

To Greg, photography is like classical music: lyrical, emotional, founded in finely honed technique—and timeless in its artistic integrity and beauty.

Currently Greg takes a modern approach to photography, one that expands the boundaries, taking the classic approach of the “old masters” and then applying the newest techniques, using experimentation to establish new parameters. These techniques enhance the beauty of the finished photograph, giving it the breath of life.

Greg never loses his focus on the core purpose of a photograph: to express the personality, desires and emotions of the subject—ultimately revealing a hidden secret about the individual or product being photographed.


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