Gregory Diehl

Founder at Identity Publications

I started Identity Publications to give a polished voice to people seeking an outlet for their unique perspectives on important topics. I’ve been able to draw on my experience of teaching and coaching around the world to craft messages for people who deserve a space to spread their ideas – earning money, recognition, and visible influence for their contributions to humanity. 

My professional background of education and sales around the world puts me in a unique position to help authors figure out what they are trying to say. I can work with them to make their messages complete, yet accessible, to the target audience that will become their best customers. My specialty lies in informing people of opportunities they did not know they had and ethically convincing them to act. 

If you aren’t sure if our services are right for what you want to communicate, you can contact me directly by emailing I only work with people with a message I can stand behind and that I am uniquely qualified to help refine and promote. If I believe in you, I will go to the ends of the Earth to see your message gain the respect it deserves.

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