Gregoíre Pearce

Educator | Guitarist | Composer

Hello everyone and enjoy a warm welcome from all of us at TheFretBuzz! My name is Gregoíre Pearce and I have been performing and teaching music for just about 20 years at institutions of higher learning like UNLV, UCONN, Pomfret School, and now online at The'Buzz.

I established TheFretBuzz curriculum in the fall of 2013 after spending much of 2012 designing courses and lessons that are fun and instantly rewarding. The courses here on Udemy, and at, are riddled with engaging lesson content, video practice tracks, quizzes and practical application, and music manuscripts for most lessons.

The ambition of TheFretBuzz is to provide guitar students with an opportunity to learn music as a language and the skills necessary to be proficient technicians and composers.

We hope you enjoy the ride!

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