Grega Gostincar

Lifehacker & Entrepreneur

Hi there,

my name is Greg(a) and I'm founder of Your Inception, one of the fastest growing communities about Lifehacking! Besides, I also co-founded a multi-million hi-tech start-up PowUnity. 

I am a hyper-productive Life hacker, a passionate entrepreneur, and high-performance mentor. I experiment, test, compare and review tools, apps, food & sleeping tips, and every else that could increase my (and your) productivity level. I often push myself to the limit in order to maximise my experience and potential results.

I started writing short personal blogs several years ago, but I never really thought about sharing my content with others. The main idea was to write down my most important lessons so I would never forget them. At the age of 20 I became interested in brain- and life-hacking. I quickly realized that these controversial topics might either cause me trouble or an opportunity to explore them further. Luckily, the latter happened and that’s why I’ve decided to share most of my knowledge on those topics with you.

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