Greg Gillespie

Independent SEO Consultant and Online Marketing Expert

Since 2008, Greg Gillespie has been a dominant player in the search engine optimisation space, working as an independent SEO consultant for corporations both big and small around the globe.

With over 25 years experience in advertising and marketing, Greg's ability to translate to the online realm, coupling his offline abilities for persuasive marketing techniques, has allowed him to excel in the field of search marketing.

"It is one thing to learn how to drive traffic and another thing altogether in getting that traffic to convert to sales", quotes Greg.

Search marketing is absolutely huge and to be able to command traffic, conversions and sales is indeed a powerful position to be in. By coming along for the journey with Greg and his SEO Mastery course, you will be picking up on his outstanding abilities to delve right into the very heart of what makes the search engines tick.

How it all started for Greg, was winning an international SEO challenge, put out there by world renown marketer's marketing professionals, Dan Kennedy and Bill Glazer. Seizing the opportunity to stand upon the stage in Orlando Florida, was a clear launch point for his international career that, to this day has served him well, with a solid six figure income, derived solely from the search engine optimization industry.

Greg's ability to lecture on any subject, has been well refined over the years with teaching in many different fields. Notably his successful online courses where he has taught hundreds of students successfully, which he began promoting back in 2008, along with his offline lecturing skills in the class room with large groups, right down to individual one-on-one lessons, set him up to be your first choice when it comes to learning these valuable search marketing skills.