Grant Wilkinson

Growth Hacker at OrchidLab

With more than seven years experience, I have created, run and managed apps featured by Apple. Two that top charted on the Apple App Store and another that was the best-selling app on the Apple App Store for a full month. All of these apps have received numerous press articles in Tech Crunch, Mac Life, Forbes and more.  My apps have received hundreds of thousands of downloads.

I pride myself in three main areas: developing code that utilizes industry-latest technology and ideas in a rapid deployment environment, developing only the highest quality apps with a mind on performance and user experience, and providing the best customer service and responsiveness we can with unparalleled transparency for my clients. I thoroughly test my code, often bringing in third party QA testers, to ensure your release launch is a guaranteed success.

I pride myself in three main areas: listening to marketing trends and my own experience of the app store to create and innovate apps that are top hits, designing app UI/UX workflow and functionality that is addicting and easy to use, and finally using experienced growth hacking techniques to launch applications with strong momentum to get a large amount of downloads.

I am based in Denver, Colorado, and am a native English speaker. I attend WWDC and have a great personal relationship with employees at Apple.

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