Graham Wadsworth

Author, Speaker and Entrepreneur

Graham is an author, a speaker and an entrepreneur. Formerly a professional dancer, Graham spent years on the stage in theatres and venues around the world. When the 17-year-old kids started making him look slow on stage, he decided to move to the front of the stage and pick up a microphone!

Since that time, Graham has been hosting and speaking at every conceivable kind of event!

He set up his company, Indigo Blue Productions, to run the larger aspects of live events, whilst he maintained his role on the stage, in front of the audience.

Indigo Blue Productions has grown over the years and is now a film and conference production company that has a unique specialism in learning and development.

One of Graham’s passions, however, is to give everyone the confidence to get up do the things they want to do in life. He is happy to act as a mentor to people who are truly committed to change. He believes that 'it's never too late'. If he'd had that attitude, he would never have achieved his first dream lifestyle as a professional dancer, travelling the world and doing a job he loved!

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