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My name is Grace. I am mum to two wonderful children and I am the founder of BeGenio and Easy Maths Skills. I am the creator of the fun, exciting maths board game, called Race To Infinity (a BeGenio game) and I specialise in helping children fall in love with Mathematics. I work with children struggling with maths, and their parents. I also work with children who are already comfortable with maths and just need to be challenged a little mo

I studied a BSc Computing degree, in which I orchestrated a 1st Class Honours result, just through choosing the most maths-like units wherever there was a choice. I then worked in Investment banks for 8 years as a Software programmer. My MSc was in Financial Markets. I am the Vice Chair of the Board of Governors of a Primary School and the Chair of the Finance Committee. In addition, I am a Trustee of a Central London University’s SU Board. I have also been awarded two UK Women National Awards.

I am a Speaker for Inspiring the Future, a volunteer role in which I speak in schools to help children brighten their horizons and connect their learning to their future. I am also a National Numeracy Champion.

In 1997, while I was studying Computing at University, I saw an advert to join Sir John Cass Foundation and Tower Hamlets Education BP Charities to help children struggling with maths build their maths confidence. I joined them as a volunteer and I started going into schools in Tower Hamlets once a week to help children who were struggling with maths build their maths confidence, just through games and through creative methods. Within a few weeks, the children's teachers reported that the kids were showing more confidence and had started to be more engaged in Maths lessons, putting their hands up more, to participate or ask questions.

They gave incredible feedback that they were no longer as aloof and disengaged as they used to be. I was pleasantly surprised by this and it felt very fulfilling. I thought it was brilliant that the children had already started building their maths confidence so quickly. By the end of the academic year, the kids had raised their actual Maths levels just through us playing games with them through a strategic but very easy structured method.

Through my experience, I discovered that there are some key problems affecting children’s maths learning, which I’ve split into three broad areas. I discovered that too many children:

1. Dislike or hate Maths, don't see the point in doing it, or find it a boring chore.

2. Don't believe they can get good at it. Usually because they've been inadvertently told that by an adult around them.

3. Do not have truly fun, effective, creative ways of doing maths.

Sadly, many children experience low self-esteem and low self-confidence as a result, which can affect their life and future.

The bigger problem I discovered, is that many parents are afraid of maths themselves and don't know how to help their children. The world is a lot more competitive and demanding now, and this generation are finding it harder to do well or get good jobs without maths.

Also, government statistics published by National Numeracy show that up to half the adults in the UK have numeracy levels no greater than that of an 11-year old; and that this is costing many of our economies billions a year. We are all paying for this and many countries risk being less globally competitive as a result.

I joined the Charity because I felt sad to hear that young children were having maths anxiety and low maths confidence. I wanted kids to experience what I experienced when I was younger. When I was young around the age of 10 years, my father supported me in maths and encouraged me, without necessarily teaching maths. This gave me confidence and later brought me opportunities that I otherwise could only have dreamt of. I went on to win the maths prize out of all the pupils, in both Year 7 and again in Year 10. Just this simple encouragement he gave me is what I believe later brought me opportunities that charted my course of life. That confidence I gained then is directly or indirectly responsible for everything I've done until now. It ended up building me great options for my future. 

That's why I strongly believe that the key is to catch children young. Practising at home is very important and I wanted to create a game and a practical easy-to-follow fun programme and methodology that would mean that parents can now easily help their children at home without stress. A game using the same easy, strategic method that would mean parents playing with their children would result in children learning maths, but not realising they are learning. They would think they are playing. 

From watching many parents, I realised that the solution was to teach parents how to effectively and confidently help their children and I wanted to help parents and children to solve the maths problems through games. I ran some fun maths games workshops for parents and children and they all loved it. We got fantastic reviews for them. I wanted to take the stress and anxiety out of parents helping and supporting their children with maths and help parents to be able to support their children without having to teach any maths or be a maths whizz themselves. 

Another problem I found was that most maths games do not possess the replayability attribute - that attribute in games that will keep a child coming back to play over and over again. It was important that parents as well as children enjoyed a game that would be for maths and would repeatedly want to play, to achieve that purpose of maths confidence. 

Therefore while I completed my BSc and did my MSc and started working as a Software Programmer in Investment Banking in the City, got married and had my first child, I kept feeling something was still missing. All along, my mind kept bugging me about the problems children and their parents encounter around their maths learning and my passion. I kept thinking about how I could make even more of a difference in children's and their parents' lives in homes since I already had the schools experience. I knew I would be able to help my child, armed with all of this creative knowledge and fun maths tricks, but what about all the other children suffering from maths anxiety or that could later suffer from it? 

Therefore since 2003, I made it my mission to turn maths into a game that every child would love to play every time, so as to help them love maths more, enjoy maths more, make maths fun, increase confidence, increase grades, reduce mathematical anxiety and build more opportunities for a successful future. I believe that every child and everyone can improve their maths skills. I also believe that talent is overrated; there is no such as a "maths person". Maths is only a skill and any skill just needs practice with the right guidance. I have since been addicted to helping children fall in love with mathematics. My passion, my heartbeat is simply that.

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In the Media...Some Local and National Media Recent Links:

Grace has been quoted on NBC, FOX, ABC, CBS News, FSB Magazine and Toy News.. She has also been featured in both National and Local media several times.

We have also been featured in the Toy News UK February 2017 magazine.

The Race To Infinity game was demonstrated by the UK Toy Fair TV and Child Development Expert Dr Amanda Gummer at UK Toy Fair 2016.

It has also been approved, endorsed and improved by and in conjunction with the reputable accreditation company, The Good Toy Guide who have worked on improving several of the major children brands' apps and products.

The game has also been endorsed by reputable organisations and people including National Numeracy, Education Celebrity Dr Chris Imafidon, Explore Learning, Number Partners (Tower Hamlets Education BP) and the Good Toy Guide.

There is a short clip in the video of one of the case studies that was carried out in the UK with a Head teacher and teacher in a school, showing kids having fun playing the game in their maths class (search for BeGenio)

Grace's Indiegogo crowd funding campaign for the Race To Infinity board game funded 100% in just 7 days and can be seen at the Indiegogo site


There are lots of testimonials on our website and on YouTube about the results of making maths fun.

Grace is the creator of BeGenio and Easy Maths Skills, and the inventor of the BeGenio Maths board game Race To Infinity. An ex-investment banker, she was voted #1 in the Women Inspiring Women National Awards twice in the last 3 years (Business category). She also runs a successful dealership in Health and Nutrition.

She is a Speaker for Inspiring the Future, the pioneer of the Tower Hamlets Business Partner’s initiative in Essex and a National Numeracy Challenge Champion. She has also been quoted on NBC, FOX, ABC, and CBS News. She has been featured in the local and national media, in the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) magazine, Woman Online magazine, online PR websites and other media.

A co-author of a book that hit #1 BestSeller on Amazon in 7 different categories, Grace is also the author of a forthcoming book for parents wishing to help their children successfully with maths, through fun.

Grace’s company creates fun maths board games, runs online courses and LIVE workshops for parents to help their children build more confidence, make maths fun, enjoy maths more, achieve highly and reduce maths anxiety.

Almost 20 years in the Maths games industry 

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