Rick Davidson

Product Consultant, Intelligent Returns Online

My name is Rick. I been living in New York since 2011.

I Started Iron Scoop To help people reach their maximum potential doing what they do best and enhancing their skills in their chosen field. I like study how people learn and help people learn faster and more effectively.

I think if you follow the steps defined in my courses you can get a lot of value and also you can learn how to teach yourself multiple skills and be able to achieve mastery in whatever your chosen field is. I teach how to be creative with the skills you learn to apply them in the real world. Whether your learning programming, graphic design or marketing I can help you monetize those skills at a fast rate.

My new course Google Helpouts: how you can earn a living teaching people online. Helps you to make money teaching others around the world through the google helpouts platform.

If cutting your learning curve is important to you I urge you to take this course.

Courses that Rick Davidson is enrolled in