Goldie Jennings

Individual Educator

I have a BS in Elementary Education from Slippery Rock University in Pennsylvania. I graduated with highest honors and I had a job offer from a public school in AZ. I moved to AZ and I taught grades 3rd, 4th, and 5th for seven years. I then wanted to focus on learning preferences and cognitive styles, so I stopped teaching and became a private tutor online and in person. I helped one student go from failing the reading standard to meeting the standard. I taught him in his preferred style and it made a difference. I also have an MS in Psychology. While getting my degree, I focused on creatively gifted students, cognitive styles, and learning preferences. It is my goal to assist learners to meet learning goals and also enjoy an appreciate their natural learning strengths and preferences. I am also planning on getting a doctorate degree in Curriculum and Instruction. I personally have a unique learning style that clashes with certain instructors. That has made me aware of learning differences and how I can reach different types of learners. I know what it feels like to have expectations that cannot be met based on cognitive styles and learning preferences. My philosophy is to take students where they are and to assist them in recognizing and celebrating their natural strengths while growing to complete next steps.

Personally, I am married to my best friend and we have three furry cat kids. I hope that you enjoy the course! Take care.

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