Natalia Rusanova

Russian Langauge Teacher and Enthusiast

Hello my dear friends!

My name is Natalia! I am born in Far Eastern Russia, close to Siberia.  I emigrated to Vancouver, Canada in 2007 and had almost zero knowledge of English language.

I attended dozens of English schools and tutors in Vancouver and found almost all of them too technical and somewhat boring, but it was necessary to learn the language.  

I found that communicating with English speaking people is the BEST way to learn the language.  Do not be afraid or shy to ask what does a word or a phrase means when you hear someone say it.  People love helping others with something they are good at.

Nevertheless, here I come with my own way of teaching Russian language after all that painful and useful experience of learning English language.  Here you will learn the most important, interesting and kind words and phrases that are used in communication between people every day.

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