Gloria Pierson, MEd

Author, Educator and Certified Life Coach

As a Certified Life Coach with a Masters in Education, Gloria Pierson offers 35+ years of entrepreneurial career experience as an educator, a Marketing Consultant and corporate Operations executive. She is the author of "Divorce the Divorce: a 52 Step Journey to Create Unlimited Happiness" and the creator of the popular blog: Single, Happy, and Strong.

Pierson previously served as a Marketing Consultant with GP Consulting, LLC, in Boca Raton, and before that, as Co-Founder & Director of Operations for Broadband Oasis, LLC, in Fort Lauderdale, charged with directing daily operations, including business development, customer support and training for independent sales contractors. Ultimately, Broadband Oasis was successfully sold to a publicly held company.

She also worked as Co-Founder & VP of PolySolutions Corp., in Deerfield Beach, Fla., overseeing business development (product rollout, marketing, customer relations, order fulfillment, accounting, human resources), while establishing contracts for government agency sales and implementing cutting-edge strategies to licensees in Florida, Wyoming and Mexico.  Her other career stops include a Spokesperson/Actress (including membership in the Screen Actors Guild (SAG) and American Federation of Television and Radio unions).

Pierson earned a Masters in Education (M.Ed) degree and a BA in Education (B.A.E.) from the University of Florida. 

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