Glen Brouwer

Videographer and Adult Educator

My passion for photography, music, travel, teaching and all things Apple combine to both instruct and inspire. The iPad and its apps have created a revolution in videography. Now high definition (HD) video capture is available to everyone at a fraction of the cost of professional video cameras. Since the advent of the iPad, I have been smitten with documenting my travels throughout the world. I have been using movie production software on the Macintosh for years and this has allowed me to sequence and enhance raw clips into stories that are meaningful for me, and hopefully for others as well.

I am the principal of 4 Adult Education Centers in Canada, and through my experience both as principal and as an instructor one on one, and online, I have gained an appreciation of the best ways for adults to learn.

I am often asked to speak at National and International conferences and find that learners from around the world learn best through experience.

Therefore, through my courses, you will learn through doing, via step by step directions. You will begin with the basics and build layer by layer to more advanced levels.

Please join me on a journey to discover our vision of the world!

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