Gladys Henriquez

Entrepreneur, Art Director, Marketer & World Traveler

I've helped market multinational corporations such as Johnnie Walker and Western Union as well as startups. Lately, I've been working on launching a couple of ventures of my own while consulting and helping other startups market their business. 

I'm extremely passionate about my work. I absolutely love what I do, the challenges and freedom. I get to travel, spend quality time with loved ones while still earning a good living. I am a happy camper. My goal is to help others do the same. 

I'm pretty good at turning challenging situations into opportunities. I always seem to find the way. This is why I started teaching, to help others save time, effort and the headaches it takes when you have to figure things out on your own.

A nerd at heart, I prefer to read a self-help book than to watch a TV show. I truly love learning. Almost as much as I love teaching. 

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