Gina Mitchell

Professor of Psychology

As a professor of psychology, I am interested in many facets of behavior. My specialization is in neuropsychology. This means I study the brain to examine where behavior comes from. This biological approach to psychology is important because the brain is the organ that controls and regulates our behavior. By understanding how the brain works, we can gain a better understanding of behavior.

With these ideas in mind, I have been teaching psychology for 8 years. After earning my PhD from Virginia Tech in 2006, I began my career at Adams State University in Alamosa, CO. I taught in the classroom for 4 years and then moved to online teaching, where I have been for the last 4 years. In the last year, I have also been teaching and developing courses for Southern New Hampshire University. As an online instructor, I have learned the roles that interaction and student relationships play in learning. I have also become skilled at communicating with students from a distance.

Teaching online has afforded me a number of opportunities to learn and grow as an instructor. I have had the ability to develop a variety of courses that look at different aspects of behavior with respect to the brain. Some of my courses include Brain and Behavior, Drugs, Society, and Behavior, and Introduction to Neuroscience and Education. I also recently wrote a book on the principles of learning and the brain - it is currently being published!

Teaching online has also afforded me the opportunity to be at home with my young children. I have a 2 year old daughter and a 4 year old son. We live on our family potato farm in southern Colorado. The areas is very rural, but we are able to enjoy lots of great outdoor hobbies including, hiking, camping, gardening and skiing.

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