Gina Bronzini Ahrens

Welcome To My Adventures In Art!

Welcome, my name is Gina. Let me tell you a little bit about my creative journey.

For years I have pursued many creative endeavors. I can knit, crochet, sew, embroider along with other various arts and crafts. Almost every art form you can find in your local craft shop I have tried. My one true love though was always drawing and painting. Even as a child my Mother will tell you that the one way to get me to focus and concentrate was to give me some paper and a pencil.

As an adult I have decided to focus on those creative pursuits I love and let the rest go. My journey to painting and mixed media started with an introduction to the art form by a friend. This was quickly followed by classes from some great teachers like Flora Bowley, Traci Bautista and Pauline Agnew.

I have discovered throughout my artistic journey that I enjoy creating beautiful and unique pieces. These pieces of my art can be very expressive, dark, abstract, or even fluid. I love it when I can share the process and encourage others to follow their creative dreams. As an artist and teacher, I find no greater joy then to see my fellow creatives express their inner soul.

Art is a great healer, a fabulous focus, and rewarding pursuit. I look forward to many adventures in art and hope you all choose to join me!

Gina B Ahrens