Gil Fainer

Professional speaker, life & business excellence trainer

Gil Fainer's training

Gil is a professional speaker and a global trainer. He trains and inspires thousands of people worldwide, in 37 countries across Europe, USA, Asia and Latin America. He helps people to become more happy and fulfill with their career and Life and achieve their personal goals. Gil believe in the human spirit that everyone has special talent and add to each of his courses the simple method to find and realize it. Gil is an Electricity Engineer (1994), made a 20 years career as a trainer in the high-tech industry and many more, and earlier he was also a sport reporter and a daily caricaturist in a newspaper. Gil develops special techniques that dramatically improve personal achievements in all business aspects, such as: team building and motivation, taking always correct decisions in short time, predicting the future and complex problem solving, He based all his techniques on pure recent modern science mixed with ancient wisdoms. Read more about what people say on his trainings in his LinkedIn Page.

Gil always focuses to brings you the real values for you: finding your own creativity and power that open for you endless opportunities in life, by being more professional, more happy and confident in who you are and what you do.