Gift Parichat

You're responsible for your own happiness!Be wise, Be strong

Hi everyone, My name is Gift or Parichat is my actual name. I'm originally from Thailand and currently living in the Netherlands for almost 7 years. I'm a mother of a lovely 3 year old daughter. She is always a reason for me to smile and stay even stronger.

I have been studying and reading for almost 7 years about Narcissistic personality disorder, because I'm facing with a few of them in my personal life situation, and that can be like "a life in hell" once you come across with this kind of toxic relationship. Until oneday, I realised that by being positive and educating myself will help guiding me through this journey in order to survive from all the negativity that these kind of toxic people can create. Fortunately, it works! Therefore I would like to pass by my knowledge and my tips of How to deal with toxic people in your life and gain back your happiness! To be able to stand up and knowing your enemy in every angle which will help you seeing things in a whole picture as a compass for yourself! Absolutely, as we all know "Knowledge is power"

Therefore, we won't get lost and we will outfight all the hard time in life! Because we believe in ourselves and we will make sure that we will embrace ourselves with power of positivity and the mind for solutions! Never forget that "You're responsible for your own happiness! Be wise, Be strong!

Good luck!

Gift Parichat

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