Parijat Seth

Producer / Videographer / Editor

I'm a sports broadcast professional with over twelve years experience with ESPN Star Sports in Singapore. I've a depth of experience across both live and non-live television production with creative conceptualization and editing being a few of many core strengths.

Back in October 2012, we moved to Geneva, Switzerland after my wife got an offer to relocate through her employer. I intern, decided to take the adventurous choice of becoming a stay-­at-­home father for our 2 young sons who are now 5 and 3 years old. I've done a fair amount over the last 2 years like starting my own blog, shot and edited numerous videos projects, worked on a few globals cricket tournaments as a freelance match feed producer, launched my own website, done the odd freelance cameraman and editor jobs locally besides of course adjusting to a new place and ensuring I don't starve my lovely offspring.

'Talk Italiano' is a brainchild of mine and my Italian speaking friend who wanted to make language learning more fun and engaging. Using animation and editing softwares called 'Video Scribe' and 'Final Cut Pro', I've used my extensive television experience to produce innovative white board videos which will allow people to learn Italian quickly and easily. My friend is obviously the expert in Italian.

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