Gery Showary

Vision improvement guru

Gery Showary is an eyesight coach and the No.1 kinesiologist for vision improvement in Hungary. He met the holistic approach early in life, at the age of 14, when an eyesight guru helped him to cure his farsight (5 diopters), astigmatism and squint. During the years Gery learned from the best healers in Hungary and officially became a certified eyesight coach in 2014.

Gery approaches healing and cure through 3 different levels.

1. The body, which is your material being;

2. The mind, which has control over your body;

3. And your emotional being, which needs attention.

Gery has only worked people face-to-face and only in his local area. For the first time now he is teaching online to share his knowledge with many more people. Gery continuously improves his skills to offer even better and faster healing solutions.