Gerd Tittel-Feller

Internet Marketing Expert

Gerd is obsessed with everything going on online. From an early age he started his first internship as an affiliate manager in reputable Internet Marketing Agency in Munich, as an affiliate manager. He was amazed that with a homepage basically anybody could sell anything without building it, keeping stock of it or even having an office or employees.

After learning everything from SEO, SEM, Affiliate Marketing, the next big trend Gerd became aware of was outsourcing. Of course outsourcing was nothing new but suddenly the talents from around the world the word became available to everyday guys like you and me. So he decided to build his own internet marketing company with a virtual workforce from around the globe.

Yet he found out that basically just flipping the websites other people have built for a profit was not his passion. When Social Networks and Apps became a new phenomenon; Gerd had found a new passion, as this was all about understanding the human mind in a virtual context. As Gerd holds a diploma in marketing and not informatics he often was forced to make due with a low budget and paying for webdesigner, no matter where was never on his agenda. So he found out the hard way. From learning to program to testing every software out there. Now you can save yourself the time and money and profit from his experience.

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