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The creators of this course are graduates from The London School of Economics & Political Science (LSE) and Tsinghua University (清华大学) - universities that have consistently been ranked among the best in the world.

We have also had successful careers working in Financial Services recruitment roles and have worked with professionals across Europe, Asia, the Middle East and America, successfully placing Analyst to MD level individuals in key financial centres  - London, Hong Kong, Dubai and New York, working day-in-day-out with hiring managers from top tier bulge bracket investment banks, Big 4 consulting firms and premier investment funds globally.

We've also been helping corporate professionals and students aspiring to work in these prestigious jobs apply for various positions for the better part of a decade and have come to know what works. A big issue we noticed with e.g. people just starting out or coming from non-western hubs i.e. ex US/UK was that their content albeit being strong, didn't conform to the preferred viewing format with the result being that they are then perceived as simply "not getting it" and their application being then immediately overlooked. This motivated us to begin offering our services on a mass scale because with the simple tweaks we teach you, you can instantly make sure your CV always goes into the review column and not the "No" column which hiring manages unfortunately want to automatically put you in, so as to make their lives easier as they tend to be inundated with applications.

After reviewing 1000s of CVs we're able to confidently advise as to what works and doesn't. There has been a great deal of demand for our services over the years and as our time is a finite resource, we haven't been able to help as many people as we'd like with our one-to-one consultancy services. This got us thinking, "What's a simple and affordable way that we could provide lots of help to lots of people?" We decided on offering our proven and tested CV format design, where with the click of a button and within about an hour of watching the step-by-step videos, you could create for yourself a great and professional looking CV that meets the grade, benefitting from hundreds of hours of work that has gone into developing and refining our service through tonnes of R&D.

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