Georgi Petrov

Graphic Designer & Photographer


I start designing flyers in late 2011 and more serious in 2012. Following a successful start,  I decided to brand all my designs and escape from my own name. This is how DESIGNROOM1229 was born August 2012, initially selling flyer templates on the Graphic River.

Such was the success of the template flyer designs, so I began receiving inquiries for custom designs and orders through my website and few online platform for freelancers. As the number of custom orders continued to grow, in July 2015 I took the decision to leave my full-time job and just work a part time when concentrating on expanding my freelance business.

DESIGNROOM1229 has worked with more than 200 clients now on around 500 successful projects in the last two years alone, bringing a wealth of experience and professionalism to clients as well as a level of service they can rely on.

DESIGNROOM1229’s royalty free designs are now available on Graphic River and Creative Market. Visit my own website Flyer Room specially build to present all of the templates I offer.


In October 2016 I found GP Image. As a photographer, I needed a place to start showing my work and also build branding. GP Image provides a wide variety of services but is mainly concentrate on shooting portraits, newborn, toddlers and fashion. 

I do love being outdoors to clear my mind and find inspiration for my designs. This is the time when I always bring my camera to capture some beautiful outdoor scenes. Usually, my outdoor images and some of the rest are offered for free on Pixabay, Pexels and Unsplash.

You can see most of my portfolios by visiting my personal website GP Image. I shoot fashion, lingerie and art nude regularly every Wednesday in a lovely studio based in Preston, UK. 

The plan for 2017 and early 2018 is to open my own studio and probably move my design and photography business under one roof.

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