Georgina García-Mauriño

Transmedia Author and Educational Contents Creator

Since 1996 I have been writing, illustrating, designing and editing stories as well as creating all kind of Educational contents to help new generations discover and enjoy classical music.

Up till now 28 of my titles have been published as books and CDs. To know more you can visit my author's page in Amazon.

Nowadays, apart from preparing new stories, I am refreshing and publishing in new formats some of the contents from my educational programs CUÉNTAME UNA ÓPERA and MIRLO MUSIC, which have been useful to parents, teachers and educators in Spain and all the Spanish speaking countries. On the way, I am also sharing some of my materials and my vision through social media: Facebook, Google+, Blogger and YouTube.

Moreover, since I moved to Madrid (Spain) in 2007, I have taught several courses and workshops to primary school teachers and social animators. Today, I wish I had more time for family workshops and house concerts, two activities I especially like. But, I decided I had to go Digital as I am ready to use any kind of format and media to meet my audience. I am actually excited to be able to share my experiences here in Udemy with all those who are curious of the best music of all time.