Georgia Morley


Founder and creator of Built For This Baby (B4TB), Georgia Morley is a Certified Doula, Holistic Nutritionist/classically trained Chef and Registered Yoga Instructor. She has been involved in projects such as the very successful Heirloom Vegetarian Restaurant in Vancouver and has worked as a private consult nutritionist/chef to the likes of Henrik Sedin (Vancouver Canucks) and Chip Wilson (Founder at Lululemon). Her years of knowledge as a holistic nutritionist and chef offer new and important ways to eat during pregnancy, holistically and with intention; eliminating struggles with anemia, diabetes and preeclampsia to name a few.  Her work as a yoga instructor is what brings the triumvirate of food, body and heart to one crossroad.

Georgia’s journey into empowering women with their birthing experiences came from her own experience of childbirth.  While on one hand she felt very out of control and without choice, on the other she had never felt more powerful in her life.  She recalls that for a few brief moments while birthing her son, she saw and felt a connection to that which is most tenacious, loving, trusting and courageous – that which was completely within her. She has subsequently committed herself to supporting women everywhere to help them feel ready to birth their babies and to choose differently, without judgment of themselves.  

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