Mr George Person

Professional Forex Trader

My name is George Person. I am currently working in a local bank and traded for the bank. I am also currently a forex trader that trade and grow my own money. I am also delighted to tell you that my account has grown 50% over the last 2 year with minimum drawdown.

I remember when I started trading. I did not know what I was doing. I attend a seminar on options and start to buy call and buy put options. I didn't know what I was doing but it was more of gut feel and following those "big boys" . I figure if they are all going in that position it have to be profitable. Look back now I wonder if those "big boys" "guru" that I was following did they even take the trade.

I start to think and swear to make a comeback. I read every book that I could possibly found in the library on trading. From stock to options, to commodities and FX. I look at all the possible combination of technical and fundamental indicator. I remember the day I reopen a account with Saxo FX. It is like a new born baby. I was delighted. It wasn't a lot of money just $2000. But after trading for a month, my account was up $100. That is a 5% return. I was overjoy and I bring my wife to a expensive dinner which cost me $133.

I continue my method and refinement, today I have 5 figure in my trading account and I am consistently pulling in money from the market with minimum drawdown. I have tight control over my losses and that is the key to winning

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