Dr. George M Alexander

Ph.D., Educator

Dr George Alexander earned a B.A. from Amherst College, Massachusetts, USA and an M.A. and Ph.D. from Kings College, University of London, UK. His doctoral thesis was in Modern European History with a focus on the Second World War, and published by Oxford University Press.

Relocating from London to New York City, George worked in IT for 10 years in marketing companies and noted law firms, before founding his own company, National Search Inc., an executive search firm which placed senior managers in manufacturing and distribution firms across the United States. He also delivered motivational speeches for the New York City Chapter of the Napoleon Hill Foundation.

George emigrated to Australia in 2003. Drawing on his decades of experience in entrepreneurship and human resources, he teaches business studies and entrepreneurship to both vocational and university students at premier private colleges in Sydney. He also consults to private business.

Since arriving in Sydney, George has also authored a book based on his 35 years’ of business experience, entitled A Mind for Business - The Entrepreneur. This book is available as a downloadable .pdf resource and as a streaming audiobook in George's course available through Unity, 'A Mind for Business – The Entrepreneur'.