Gavin Johnsen

IT Professional and Computer Engineer

Hello students! I'm Gavin Johnsen from Southern California. I've been working with computers for over 15 years since I started fixing computers and building them for friends and family as a young man. I've worked in IT for a high-profile law firm, small and large banks, and other small businesses. Over the past several years, I've owned and operated a popular and successful local computer repair business, where I've learned to fix both common and uncommon problems in record time using proprietary methods. I've developed unique ways to remove viruses in record time and with tremendous accuracy, as well as repairing other common problems. I am currently a Senior at DeVry University working towards my Bachelors in Computer Engineering and I plan to graduate by the end of 2015. I'm excited to share what I've learned and developed and hope everyone enjoys my courses. Good luck!

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