Gavin Birchall

Full Time Internet Marketing/Email Marketing Online Business Owner, Coach, Product Creator & Passionate Blogger

I am a full time online business owner and father of 2 children and I live and run my online business in the greater Manchester region of, England UK.

I've tried and tested many cool and wonderful online marketing business strategies over the years and my very first encounter was with online video marketing combined with the power of Youtube.

This all started way back in 2007 even when I was working an offline job full time.

I always knew that my real passion was to work as an entrepreneur and to be free and independent away from the shackles that full time employment can bring.

Over this time I've picked up a huge array of various skills including blogging, (which I run full time that co-insides with my overall online business traffic generation strategy) copy-writing, email copy-writing, online business coaching, digital product creation, affiliate marketing among many other skills.

I'm a well seasoned list building and email marketer and I decided to build my online business around this very strategy way back in 2011.

Since then, I've never looked back.

And since then I've managed to sell multiple thousands of downloadable digital training products that are my own and as an affiliate, I've coached many students on a one to one basis teaching them how to run and manage, profitable and sustainable online businesses, plus I've written and sent well over a million plus promotional emails since my I.M. journey first began back in 2011.

So my main aim and ultimate goal for "YOU" the Udemy student, is to provide you with all my knowledge, skills, strategies and online business know-how, so that you too can can experience the ultimate and truly empowering feeling of knowing what it feels like to really live life on your own terms thanks to the "Dot Com Lifestyle" I now live full time to this day.

I truly believe that anyone with the right skill set, know how and time management skills can also become successful working full time from home.

And of course, enjoy the time, freedom, incomes and flexibility that comes with owning a successful and profitable online business.