Gary Keil

Health Ambassador at LifeDojo

Dr. Gary Keil is passionate about helping transform minds and bodies through holistic approaches. Gary is a registered pharmacist and a PhD trained neuropharmacologist, positive psychology coach, leader-development programming guru and avid triathlete. His 20+ year career weaves Western medicine and a deep scientific understanding of how the body works with Eastern philosophies and practices, creating a unified mind-body approach.

Gary's involvement with LifeDojo includes being the author of the "Train Your Brain" course that focuses on the scientifically-validated ways of improving mental, emotional and physical health by improving brain function, and being involved in LifeDojo's business development activities with the goal helping individuals and organizations to create happier, healthier, more productive and less costly (health-wise) versions of themselves.

Gary received his pharmacy degree from the University of Wyoming, his PhD at Oregon State, completed a post-doctoral fellowship at The Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto, Canada, spent 15 years researching novel medicines in the pharmaceutical industry and now owns and operates a holistic wellness center in Pennsylvania with his wife, Jenn.